Vision Therapy

Beautiful_FamilyDr. Steele and Dr. Pierce are excited to offer vision therapy in the office to help improve a patient’s vision and reduce eyestrain and headaches as well as help with reading disorders and learning disabilities.

Vision is our most precious and valuable sense, and 90% of learning is visual in nature.
If the eyes do not function correctly, information cannot be processed efficiently and learning is difficult.  Vision therapy can improve:

  • Eye Teaming-difficulty maintaining clear single images
  • Eye Focusing-difficulty maintaing clear vision
  • Eye Tracking-difficulty with accurate eye movements

two beautiful young friend girl happinessA vision therapy evaluation is offered any time a child struggles with learning.

Trussville Vision also offers Sports Perception training.  Studies have shown that by utilizing this training, hand eye coordination, reaction time, and balance are all improved.  With improved visual perception, an athlete can enhance his or her performance to compete at the next level.  As a former college athlete, Dr. Steele has seen what it takes to be successful at the next level.

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